September 18th- October 23,
11:30 am-12:30 pm at the 55 Activity Centre
Coffee Get Together: Drop-in Grief Group: Open to anyone, this group offers an opportunity to listen and to share grief experiences. Find the time for yourself and be supported as you continue to make the many difficult adjustments to life following  the loss of a loved one. 

November 5th- December 10th
Courage to Grieve: A community based program for those experiencing loss through death, co-facilitated by two individuals.  Registration is required.  The six week structured bereavement sessions are held in a safe, non-judgmental group environment where you can meet others having similar experiences, thoughts and feelings.  

November 30th
Memory Tree: A community event to remember your loved ones



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Day 3 Lucky Winners

And we have another lucky team today! Thank you to Sharon and Norm at CWC Electrical for pulling today's winning team.

And the winning team is.......WINE DOCS!! Congratulations Jason Wood for being the lucky member for your team to be drawn. Looks like it will be a festive season for you all!

And thanks Sharon and Norm for being good sports even though the CWC team wasn't drawn out today.....there are still 2 more days to have good luck!



Day 2 and we have another winner!

So much fun drawing the 2nd winning team today at London Drugs with my Sweet Mama, Ray one of our fantastic volunteers and Karyn. Thank you all for helping me out.

And they pulled Taylor McRae  from WINE NOT? Congratulations to this winning team!! 


Wine Not play this awesome game!

How exciting!! We are so grateful to all of you who put in a wine team in support of the Squamish Hospice Society programs; we had 81 team entries this year!! So once again we will be drawing a winning team each day this week, and each team will win over 100 bottles of wine!

Let's find out whose hosting the first Christmas party?? And the winner is........

Drawn by Hilltop House nurse Kate......

Dr. Richard Cudmore and the Diamond Head Drinkers!  CONGRATULATIONS to this team and thanks for playing!!



Bereavement Group Concludes

A big thank you to Grace N and Liz W for their kind and supportive work in leading our 6 week Courage to Grieve bereavement group which ended last Weds. Your dedication as volunteers is so much appreciated. As well we thank all of you who attended and had the courage to seek support and support others in the journey with grief. 


Wine Draw is on NOW and teams are coming in!

So exciting over here with all the teams coming in and everyone excited for a season of good cheer!

Thanks to all of you for participating in this fun fundraiser!

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