September 18th- October 23,
11:30 am-12:30 pm at the 55 Activity Centre
Coffee Get Together: Drop-in Grief Group: Open to anyone, this group offers an opportunity to listen and to share grief experiences. Find the time for yourself and be supported as you continue to make the many difficult adjustments to life following  the loss of a loved one. 

November 5th- December 10th
Courage to Grieve: A community based program for those experiencing loss through death, co-facilitated by two individuals.  Registration is required.  The six week structured bereavement sessions are held in a safe, non-judgmental group environment where you can meet others having similar experiences, thoughts and feelings.  

November 30th
Memory Tree: A community event to remember your loved ones



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Final Day Game Draw & Winners!!

So today is the day!. Thank you do Dave from CWC Electrical for doing today's draw. Here we go and thank you to everyone for playing and Supporting the Squamish Hospice Society. Names drawn out of the game today are.....
Pete Wellhhofer - CWC Lightning Bolts
Robyn Lens - Cork Screws
Debbie Hughson - Hilltop Hotties
Sue Heikoop - The Wino's
Gwen Young - Good Living Crew
Sharon Fields - CWC Lightning Bolts
Dillon Smith - All Reds
Paul Richards - The Wino's
Mark Porter - The Corks
Patricia King - Hilltop Hotties
Val Stainton - Nutty Nutcrackers
Paul Flemming - The Corks
Maria Gibbons - Hilltop Highrollers
Gloria Healy - Vintage Vino's
Owen Carney - Team Terrific
Joan Price - Bordeaux Babes
Irma Cann - Nutty Nutcrackers
Yvonne Hawse - Hilltop Cougars
Shannon Wall - In it to Wine It
Sue Smith - Julenisse
Lorraine Ross - The Whine Ho ho ho's
Julie Erb - Adventures
Laila Michell - The Cheif
Bonnie Golaiy - Hlltop Hotties
Lois Cudmore - Five Friends
Gary Sims - Pamilya
Jack Giese - Team Terrific
Ian Larkin - CWC Lightning Bolts
Allison Musset - Hilltop Cougars
Rhonda Elesko - Bordeaux Babes
Sally Nichol - Nutty Nutcrackers
Laura Childs - Grape Crushing Contractors
Norma Kindree - All Red
Laura Phillips - The Merry Merlots
Jane McQuinn - The Merry Merlots
Melissa Geddes - The Farm Chicks
Janis Humphrey - In it to Wine It
Kelly Evans - The Merry Merlots
Jayme L'Hirondelle - Cork Screws
Susan Mouris - The Naughty Vines
Jordy Bowen - Sea to Sky
Liz Hamilton - Hilltop Cougars
Again, thank you so much to all the teams that played. This was an awesome game and I know many people had good fun playing.
So now here are the winners of the Squamish Hospice Society Wine Game 2012.........
Carole Griffin - RIPPING REINDEER!!
Judy Smith - THE FARM CHICKS!!
CONGRATULATIONS and have a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We think you will! Please call the Hospice Office 604-848-5751 this morning to find out details on where and when to collect your winnings!!

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Reader Comments (1)

Congratulations to the winners ...This was so much fun !!! Thanks for a great Fundraiser for Hospice ...can we do this again around Valentines Day ? we have so many people interested in joining in :-) xoxoxoxo

December 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBonnie G

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