May 12
Bucket List Festival: An upbeat & informative event on topics relating to living well at end of life. Learn about how to be prepared soyou can focus on yoru bucket list!

May 11
Co Creating a Caregiver Circle: You are invited to co-create a learning circle that will provide education & support to rural and First Nations family caregivers.

May 6
12th Annual Hike for Hospice & Happy Hour: Support this fundraising event and join us to celebrate all we have accomplished together. Family Friendly, LIVE MUSIC, activities and more.



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Day Three Wine Game

Morning meeting but here are the names....finally! First some quick stats, ALL teams are still in the draw! Some of us have taken major hits so far leaving 8 teams with only one player in the game. Thank you Grace, Hospice Bereavement Coordinator for doing today's draw.

Lorraine Ross-Ripping Reindeer

Denise Conway - The Chief

Dan Wall - Wall Street Sippers

Renee Friesen - Hair to Us

Jane Gelz-Bordeaux Babes

Kathy Purves - Will Work for Wine

Tina Fanzone - Julenisse

Katie Lasalle Lowe - The Corks

Nancy Liebich - Radiology Sommeliers

Kim McKenzie - The Corks

Ann Carney - Five Friends

John L'Hirondelle - Cork Screws

Joe Lauzon - CWC Lightning Bolts

Graham Smillie - Grape Crushing Contractors

Donna Barker - Britannia Beach Boozers

Pauline McNeney - Vintage Vinos

Bev Hamilton - Whine Ho ho ho's

Jenn Bir - The Merry Merlots

Patrick Sweeny - Adventurers

Laura Arason - Britannia Beach Boozers

Alex Gabriel - Britannia Beach Boozers

Laurie Green - The Whine Ho ho ho's

Jim Sims - Pamilya

Penny Martin - Radiology Sommeliers

Angela Day - Nutty Nutcrackers

Brenda Sims - Pamilya

Paula Adnreeff - The Whine Ho ho ho's

Trevor Kranenburg - Wet Stuff on Red Stuff

Nickie Bourque - In it to Wine It

Dolores Lewis - Hair to Us

Elvie Onlayao - Pamilya

Barb Patura - Ripping Reindeer

Hazel Giese - Vintage Vino

Arlene Huybregts - Julenisse

Nicki McKiel - Hilltop Hotties

Fian Martin - Pamilya

Peter Hotson  - Team Terrific

Brenny Covey - All Red

Harry Bullen - Hair to Us

Doug Race - Team Terrific

Donna Bent - Sea To Sky

Judy Gordon - Bottoms Up




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