September 18th- October 23,
11:30 am-12:30 pm at the 55 Activity Centre
Coffee Get Together: Drop-in Grief Group: Open to anyone, this group offers an opportunity to listen and to share grief experiences. Find the time for yourself and be supported as you continue to make the many difficult adjustments to life following  the loss of a loved one. 

November 5th- December 10th
Courage to Grieve: A community based program for those experiencing loss through death, co-facilitated by two individuals.  Registration is required.  The six week structured bereavement sessions are held in a safe, non-judgmental group environment where you can meet others having similar experiences, thoughts and feelings.  

November 30th
Memory Tree: A community event to remember your loved ones



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Indigenous Cultural Safety Training

Thank you to the Aboriginal Health Team from Vancouver Coastal Health for supporting 13 Squamish Hospice Volunteers and 7 VCH staff members through an informative Idigenous Cultural Safety Training at Totem Hall last Friday. It was a wonderful opportunity for self-reflection and to deepen our understanding of Canada's history as it relates to Indigenous people. This training will support the Squamish Hospice Volunteers significantly.


Final Draw!

Before announcing today's winners I would like to congratulate the 5 Teams and 24 individual winners!! Each team won 85 bottles of wine to share and together everyone helped raise over $4500.00 for Squamish Hospice Programs!!!

Thank you all so much for participating and supporting people in our community through end of life and grief, you have all really made a difference!

OK, now for today's winning team......pulled at Brennan Park.... Carol Mahedy from SCU your name was pulled and your team has won the final Holiday Wine Draw for 2019!!! CONGRATULATIONS!




Day 4 Winners...Grape Expectations (2)

Congratulations to Hilltop House Team Grape Expectations 2 ...(we added the 2 ;). Head of School Erin and Pac Chair Fiona from Squamish Montessori School pulled Lyndsay Rowland's name out today!!

You can see Erin wishing on a rain drop that HER team might be drawn (smile). There is still hope for Erin and everyone with one more draw tomorrow, so GOOD LUCK!

Thanks again to all the supporters of this fun game and of hospice programs!



Day 3 Winners! CWC Electrical!!

Another day another happy team! Congratulations CWC Electrical Systems, Dave Gaudin's name was drawn by an awesome staff person at Cloudburst Cafe!

Two more chance to win so check back to see if we draw your team's name!!


ChardaNeighs Win today!

Yeehaw Chardaneighs!  Pattie Kerekes name was drawn and your team has won for Day 2!!

Thanks everyone for playing. Check back tomorrow to find out the third of five lucky winning teams.

Good Luck!!

Thank you Garibaldi Vet Clinic (Day 1 ~ sorry you are sideways ;) and Tourism Squamish (Day 2) for making our draws!