September 18th- October 23,
11:30 am-12:30 pm at the 55 Activity Centre
Coffee Get Together: Drop-in Grief Group: Open to anyone, this group offers an opportunity to listen and to share grief experiences. Find the time for yourself and be supported as you continue to make the many difficult adjustments to life following  the loss of a loved one. 

November 5th- December 10th
Courage to Grieve: A community based program for those experiencing loss through death, co-facilitated by two individuals.  Registration is required.  The six week structured bereavement sessions are held in a safe, non-judgmental group environment where you can meet others having similar experiences, thoughts and feelings.  

November 30th
Memory Tree: A community event to remember your loved ones



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About Squamish Hospice

The Squamish Hospice Society has been in operation since 1986. We are a non-profit community service designed to support end of life care for patients and their families. Care for those in need is provided on a voluntary basis at absolutely no cost to individuals or their families.

Our Mission

The Squamish Hospice Society actively promotes compassionate care and support to improve the quality of life for people with life limiting illness, their loved ones and the bereaved. 

Our Statement of Values

We believe that: 

  1. Each person’s experience is unique, and they will be valued, affirmed and treated with dignity, respect and understanding.
  2. Life is a precious journey of growth and development and that dying and grieving are a natural part of this journey that can be met with serenity and hope.
  3. Individual choices will be respected to allow life to be lived to its fullest; while enabling each person’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs to be met on their own terms.
  4. Strength comes from our partnership with community, and we strive to promote and encourage an interdisciplinary, community- wide program of palliative care.

Our Goal

To ensure that those who face end of life and the bereaved in the Sea to Sky Corridor know that they can be supported by Hospice volunteers and programs.

Our dream

To provide a dedicated space in an appropriate environment for those unable to be cared for elsewhere.


"You matter because you are; you matter to the last moment of your life; and we will do everything we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but to help you to LIVE until you die."

Dame Cicely Saunders


To find out more information about Squamish Hospice Society and our Programs e-mail us at hospice.seatosky@vch.ca or call 604-567-2009